Chaz Casio: Unstuck In Time IS FINALLY FINISHED

Well it's official - I took way too long to finish a film.  I posted the original teaser to Chaz Casio back in 2016, and then life got in the way.  I officially moved back to Minneapolis, started a new job, started a new band, and ultimately put this passion project to the side.  But now, a cool three years after initial writing started, Chaz Casio is finally finished!  And to celebrate, we're having the world premiere at Honey in Minneapolis on April 25.  The full film (episode one of the web series) will be online the next day.  So I updated the original teaser into as much of a trailer as I felt comfortable making for a 12 minute short film.  It was only a matter of time.

Phantom Shred

I liked PTA's new film Phantom Thread quite a lot.  I dare say it rocked.  In fact, it was nothing short of inspiring.  Thus, I present to you, Phantom Shred.  Thank you.


The Symptones Debut EP or: I Play The Drums Again

Hello 2018!  I took an unintentionally long break from writing blog posts since the spring of 2016.  Well with 2018 smashing her giant face into the world, that all changes.  At least for today!  ANYWAY, since my last post, I've gotten back into drumming and started a band.  We're called The Symptones and we put out our debut EP late November 2017.  We recorded it in July of 2017 with Ali Jaafar at Ecstattic Studio in Minneapolis.  Take a listen below or on Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud, potentially on your uncle's Zune, on a CD one of our friends reluctantly purchased at a show, or as always, via the DJ 3000. Happy New Year!

Chaz Casio Teaser Trailer

Me and my frequent collaborators Andy Fischer, Wade Ritter, Jeremy Gullikson, Kevin Law, and Jake Nemec have been working on a web series since last winter.  The project took a bit of a backseat with my LA move and all that surrounded it.  Not to mention the crippling Skittles addiction we all suffered through, and the fact that each one of the crew members had their bodies horribly disfigured by the real life time machine we built.  After some off-the-books medical experiments we underwent in Guam, we finally were able to get back to work on Episode 1.  Here’s the teaser trailer for Chaz Casio: Unstuck in Time - Episode 1.  Coming soon.

Aaaaand I'm Back

So I was surfing Leo Carillo, caught a gnarly wave, blacked out, woke up in a fishing net with a family of sturgeon on a river boat somewhere along the Mississippi, and the rest is history.  I’m now working as an editor at Fallon in Minneapolis.  LA was a good time and I will dearly miss the abundance of great Mexican food, but I’m happy to be home.  Catch you next time, LA.

I Moved To California

I packed up my car with a few mix CDs, a GPS, and a dog named Waffles, and made my way to Los Angeles.  Currently on a mission to eat every variation of taco known to man.  I've gained 600 pounds.  West're alright.

I Got GIF'ed

To celebrate National Gummi Worm Day, Trolli used me as a male model (about time) to let all the sugar-addicts know it's time to party.  Frankly, I've never seen a better picture of myself.

Pugzly McDouble

For about a year and a half I was lucky enough to know a gentleman pug named Pugzly McDouble.  I filmed him one summer afternoon back in 2013.  The original idea was to record footage and sounds of Pugzly making noise with his breathing, snoring, walking, anything, in order to make a hip hop beat and video purely comprised of dog noises.  Pugzly was a big hip hop fan.  It was his idea.  But eventually I got too caught up with real life to edit it together.  After he passed away I was too sad to do anything with the footage.  But a year or so later I decided it was time to edit a video as a tribute to the Pug.  It's not the club banger beat the original idea was going for, but rather a montage of clips of a happy pug, set to a song I always assumed he identified with.  Enjoy.

Gaggle O' Geese

I shot a video for Buffalo Wild Wings about a month ago and just rediscovered this photo.  When we showed up to our location there were approximately eight gazillion geese and ducks all over the place.  This photo doesn't do it justice, but…nature, man. Amiright?


Time Is A Flatizza

A recent trip I took to visit some friends in Madison, WI involved a lot of obsessing over the idea of the Subway Flatizza. Not one Flatizza was consumed, yet it remained a talking point for the entirety of the trip. After consulting leading members of spiritual communities around the world we came to the Rust Cohle-ian conclusion that TIME IS A FLATIZZA. Productive trip all around.

Teen Wolf Of Wall Street

I thought that if I designed the poster, perhaps the movie would get made.  Still waiting for the call from Marty.  Until then, here's the poster.


It's Still Kanye West To Me

There I was, standing in line for a Bangkok Burrito, when the familiar tune of a lonely Piano Man began to play from the speakers.  This was back in the summer of 2013, Yeezus was still relatively new, and the mashups of "Black Skinhead" were the hotness.  I couldn't help but connect the drum beat of Sir William Joel's "It's Still Rock And Roll To Me" to that of "Black Skinhead." Thus, I was left with no option but to put the two songs together.  

The resulting mashup was featured on Consequence Of Sound.  

*Note: after a few years of survival, the original YouTube upload was blocked for copyright reasons. Thus, I reuploaded to the much chiller platform, Vimeo. Take a listen.

A Hero At The Park

While helping with the videography of a friend's wedding, I chanced upon a true gentleman and was lucky enough to have a camera rolling.  His bronze skin and unwavering grace have provided me with inspiration ever since.  Behold: A Hero At The Park.