Pugzly McDouble

For about a year and a half I was lucky enough to know a gentleman pug named Pugzly McDouble.  I filmed him one summer afternoon back in 2013.  The original idea was to record footage and sounds of Pugzly making noise with his breathing, snoring, walking, anything, in order to make a hip hop beat and video purely comprised of dog noises.  Pugzly was a big hip hop fan.  It was his idea.  But eventually I got too caught up with real life to edit it together.  After he passed away I was too sad to do anything with the footage.  But a year or so later I decided it was time to edit a video as a tribute to the Pug.  It's not the club banger beat the original idea was going for, but rather a montage of clips of a happy pug, set to a song I always assumed he identified with.  Enjoy.